Mari Vial-Golden is a Brooklyn based theater artist. Primarily an actor, she is also a writer, director, yogi, teaching artist and avid gluten-free chef. 

Mari is a native to the Bay Area, a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont and an alumnus of the British American Drama Academy in London. Her love of acting began when she played the role of Narisa in A Merchant of Venice with the Marin Shakespeare Company at the age of 6. Since then, she has acted in numerous Shakespearian and contemporary productions, and theater has taken her across the country. She also works as a film actor, and has a love for devised, ensemble based work. 

Mari is interested in art that touches on the universal through an exploration of the specific - Art that taps into what connects us all by telling stories that haven't been told before, by representing voices that aren't often represented, and by inviting us to empathize with individuals with different experiences from our own.